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A Sudden Surprising Flip!

A few days ago I decided to go with Joan in my kayak down the river behind our house. I have had a kayak for several years, but in the last two years I had taken it out very few times indeed. Nevertheless, I was confident, and felt strong as we began.

Not very far downriver from our dock is a bridge for vehicles to cross the river. usually I don't paddle under the bridge - I just float until coming out into the whole air again. But this time there was a ribbon of some kind hanging from the middle of the bridge to the water. I raised my paddle to move over so to see what it was attached to and FLIP! in a split second my kayak was upside down and I trapped beneath it, not immediately realizing where I was or what happened! My immediate concern was not losing my glasses underwater! My hand went up immediately to check for them and - luckily - they were there...then I realized that my head was in the seat opening, and so I pushed myself down and outside the opening, and immediately floated to the top of the water. By this time Joan was calling and paddling madly back to where I was!

I was really OK and insisted on paddling on down the clothes would dry on this very hot day and so they did.

Since then, I have been pondering the similarity to our present CoVid flip. Sudden, feeling trapped, wondering what has happened to our dependable North American lives! Sometimes breathless in the unexpectedness of it! The disbelief, the restrictions, the conflicting advice, the plight of the poor and the elderly, the fighting among government leaders, and on and on.

Yet, when we pick ourselves up and name where we are for ourselves - and realize that we still have our glasses - we can look with a different eye. We can choose our own way of being in quarantine, we can savor the time we never used to have, we can trust an outcome which doesn't yet seem near. We can breathe deeply. Each breath moves us onward. We can claim the gifts that quarantine opens...and they are many...

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04.01 | 14:04

Thanks, Andie...that's it exactly ! So glad you experienced it!

04.01 | 13:36

'Whatever you need
and wherever you go next -
will come to you'
My holiday experience.

28.12 | 10:12

Hi Brenda,
I've just finished reading The Choice - got it from the public library. What an amazing story and an unbeatable spirit. I'll check out youtube now

24.04 | 21:27

Hi Brenda,
I did some writing this last week.
Here is it. :)

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