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Beginning to Blog again

After a long absence here I am beginning to add to this website and intend to do so at least weekly. I have now retired from traveling for work and facilitating many groups. Instead, I am writing, reading, painting, beading, and spending significant daily/nightly time in the forest which surrounds us - our beloved SoulWinds property, on the Little Kennesis River in the Algonquin Highlands. "Consulting" is also becoming a part of my daily activity as people from many places in the world wish to draw on my experience as we all age together.

The world is different even from when I lost time to speak through this website 3-4 years ago. An escalation of intensity; roiling, dangerous news each day...all call for a different response in our personal lives, a more deliberate and in-the-moment stepping into inner peace on our parts, a deepening of such practices as meditation, Presence in the moment (whatever that moment is) and attention, for a start. This new stance is what I intend to reflect on here, as well as to offer the reflection of others. In that vein, I suggest you visit the Poetry page, where today I post a poem written a few days ago by a member of my Writers' Circle, Doug Aldworth: a timely reflection on the state of our current world.

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24.04 | 21:27

Hi Brenda,
I did some writing this last week.
Here is it. :)

12.02 | 08:41

Hi Laurie, You will find The Choice on

18.10 | 18:29

Thanks, glad you found it here. I think it's remarkable. Holly's grandmother is one of my long and close friends; it was she who sent it.

18.10 | 17:38

Thanks for posting this. I heard it read from Abbey Theatre in their "Dear Ireland" and was hoping that I would find it on the web. I thought it stole the show.

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