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A year ago for the new year 2019, I was moved within to follow an ancient spiritual practice that says "Ask for a Word." This asking is within; it does not look for an answer; it is about waiting for an answer to appear. The practice is about repeating the request "inside" until the response appears, and you recognize that this is the answer.

The word that came to me was "Relinquish." It was clear. I didn't want it. Relinquish what? I waited for that answer too.

As the year progressed I began to notice changes that I might not have otherwise, and many of them required relinquishing on my part:

-time and energy when my housemate Joan was unable to function for four months with shingles;

- facing the end of my working career with religious Congregations;

- family relationship changes that left me in grief and long loss;

- extreme energy depletion that severely limited my functioning time each day.

I am still recovering from the relinquishing required during the past year, and though I would not choose the past year over, it rang true for the word I was given on New Year's Day, 2019. And despite it, I asked for a word again on New Years; Day 2020: it is "Allow" and right behind it "you will be shown." I am attentive to see what this means for the coming year...

After a long absence here I am beginning to add to this website and intend to do so at least weekly. I have now retired from traveling for work and facilitating many groups. Instead, I am writing, reading, painting, beading, and spending significant daily/nightly time in the forest which surrounds us - our beloved SoulWinds property, on the Little Kennesis River in the Algonquin Highlands. "Consulting" is also becoming a part of my daily activity as people from many places in the world wish to draw on my experience as we all age together.

The world is different even from when I lost time to speak through this website 3-4 years ago. An escalation of intensity; roiling, dangerous news each day...all call for a different response in our personal lives, a more deliberate and in-the-moment stepping into inner peace on our parts, a deepening of such practices as meditation, Presence in the moment (whatever that moment is) and attention, for a start. This new stance is what I intend to reflect on here, as well as to offer the reflection of others. In that vein, I suggest you visit the Poetry page, where today I post a poem written a few days ago by a member of my Writers' Circle, Doug Aldworth: a timely reflection on the state of our current world.

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03.03 | 17:19

Laurie...I might have my copy and will look for it. Otherwise...order from Amazon.
It is beyond inspiring. I will let you know. It's on kindle too.

03.03 | 16:53

Hi Brenda, I would like to read The Choice. Where would I find a copy?

12.02 | 11:09

Your imagery is intensely complimentary to the text deepening an infusion of wisdom. Thank you..

01.02 | 10:03

I am grateful, Brneda, for your generous encouragement based on your own experience and quests.