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SoulSisters during quarantine

During the summer we could all meet in a circle outdoors either in our driveway or inside the carport if it was raining. When the weather turned colder, none of this was possible, so it has been two months since we met, and finally we will meet in Shalom's big meeting room - plenty for 6 feet apart - on the first day of November.

Many changes for each of us in our lives to share...sustained as we have been by emails all this time.

Living the River: Brenda Peddigrew

Living the River

           Whenever someone asks me about where I live, I say – first off – “I live on a river.” A look of awe with a sound of “ah” emerges on the face and from the mouth of my visitor. When people come for the first time, we often show them through the house, and there is always the moment when they see the river for the first time, see how close it is, how present from every room on that end of the house. Invariably they stop and stand, looking as if worlds of meaning and association are flooding their eyes.

           Living on a river’s edge has been an experience of fresh learning for me. When we were first looking for property, it was a lake we sought. Now I am wrapped in the river’s flow of seasons, and wouldn’t consider a lake at all, with its exposure, and its noisy toys.  The river is a living presence and attracts its own kind. We commonly see beavers, otters, mink and fox. Bears regularly swim across, in one direction or another, uninterested in our small lives. Four different species of ducks mate and give birth there every spring. Loons and Geese return, nesting on the river’s edge, dangerously visible. Great Blue Herons glide up and down, or stand still fishing, hiding in plain sight. Hawks, Crow, Ravens, Wild Turkeys and recently Eagles soar and swoop for our eager binoculars. Songbirds too numerous to name weave music like a garment, wrapping morning and evening.

           Through all of this, we sit at the edge, knowing our place as witnesses only, or we swim in summer. The river flows, slowly or swiftly, clean and cool, especially on the hottest days. Dragon and Damsel flies adore its surface with their pretty winged dances. There is only the sound of water; no engines can despoil the purity of this part of the river because of the bridge below, the rapids above where we are. Fish are visible; frogs and turtles testify to the river’s health.

           This river is a teacher and a healer. Sitting in the swinging chair hour after hour, allowing the quiet to still my frenzied mind and calm my rushing body, I notice first of all that the river flows one way only, constant, faithful. “There is no going back,” she whispers. The river is Life; the river is Time. the river carries and comforts, and – when that moment comes – flows on into the lake without resistance, without holding back a drop of herself.

           Living the River is all this and more. I notice again and again how opposite it is with me. I want to hold back my own flow, cling to time and schedule, force things to happen outside their own natural flow. I want time to slow down, sometimes even to stop. Daily, the river tells me otherwise. Brings me back from pointless resistance. Living the River is the gift of flow and surrender, among teeming and irrefutable life. This is what goes on.

 try this: Find a river. Sit by it as long as you can. Ask it to teach you and notice what you are given as teaching.

Painting by Gina Stanley, April 2018
Painting by Andrea Percy, April, 2018

poem by Lee Gauthier



Be afraid she said, be very afraid.

This long winter is both a blessing and a curse

Deer are out back seeking bits in the snow

Crows are flying from tree to tree looking for leftovers

And here come the turkeys to do the dishes


Our world is upside down it seems… all because we can’t see and feel the earth coming alive like it normally would in April


This is the blessing I think… giving us the opportunity to take things slowly

To follow the rhythm of the earth as she tells us

There’s no hurry

Take your time

Move at the pace of guidance…

Just follow me


Lee Gauthier

April 10th, 2018

Brenda's Crow
Andrea Percy: Intuitive Painting 2

Pay Attention: Gina Stanley


Pay Attention..the beauty of daily ness
each day,
welcome and salute 
each breath
each ache
each offering
Take it in 
allow it to be ;
someday a wintery  print,
other days no visible path
Be patient,
that moment 
Never to be again
"Tranquility" - photo by Linda McNamara, March, 2018

The Far Shore: Lee Gauthier

The Far Shore


In the distance through clouds of mist

Floats a raft with sail still and silent

Waiting for the winds of change


She waits patiently

Knowing that it will come,  it will lift…

Like loosened cobwebs set adrift by a light breeze


Aware that all comes to she who waits

Stay the course

Feel the shift


Soul gently pushing forward

Through the pain

Connecting with all that came before…


Learning how to navigate

To that far, far distant shore


Lee Gauthier, 13 August 2007












Andrea Percy: "I'm an artist of many years who is exploring intuitive painting for the first time. So far, it's been a process of letting go of acquired techniques and mind-sets that were no longer serving. 'Free Wheeling' is a big canvas with big brush strokes and bold colours put down fast and spontaneously. It felt freeing to create it!"

Here the Soul Sisters Share Wisdom and Insight

This new page welcomes the sharing of SoulSisters: six women who come together once every month for a few hours of sharing what is meaningful in their lives. Sometimes it is a story; others times it is an encounter or a memory or an object. What emerges in the sharings is how whatever is meaningful draws us all together.

On this page you will encounter their art, their poems their stories. Their names are Dianne Hagerman; Lee Gauthier; Gina Stanley; Linda MacNamara Andrea Percy and Brenda Peddigrew.

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Gina | Reply 11.03.2018 14:54

Thanks ...truly the universe manifests so much in company and support of soul sisters....❤️♥️💕💓

Andie 14.03.2018 12:11

And here we are manifesting to each other and the universe! Your poem is soulful, Gina, dealing with the unknowns of each day as they come. Thanks for sharing.

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04.01 | 14:04

Thanks, Andie...that's it exactly ! So glad you experienced it!

04.01 | 13:36

'Whatever you need
and wherever you go next -
will come to you'
My holiday experience.

28.12 | 10:12

Hi Brenda,
I've just finished reading The Choice - got it from the public library. What an amazing story and an unbeatable spirit. I'll check out youtube now

24.04 | 21:27

Hi Brenda,
I did some writing this last week.
Here is it. :)

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