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the inner galaxy

I am here using a quote from Mark Nepo in his latest book Things That Join the Sea and Sky:

"Each day I look into the inner galaxy, tracing and mapping what I can." When I look back over the past several weeks, that's what I have been doing most of all, and it is growing and deepening with each day. Opening to and exploring the "inner galaxies" of my own soul...what better work for after the great turning past seventy? How else to leave an imprint on the world in which I perhaps won't even be a memory in twenty years?

And such needed work! The increased madness and dissolution of the world intensifies every day. Andrew Harvey says that "we live in a time of unraveling" and so it looks, increasing and intensifying with each day. Such is where we are, and denying it or avoiding it in any way is to try the impossible; i.e., escaping it. Which we can't.

Instead, the most important of practices now is to be present, to stand in full awareness of where we are in our lives and in the state of the world, and to offer the best we can offer in these transforming times; i.e. offering light and love to every person, every situation, even and especially the ones which irritate us, are cranky and dismissive, are downright frightening, and who challenge us outright. Fill that darkness with your own steady light. Amazing and surprising what it can bring about.



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18.03 | 17:38

Edith is our mentor and prophet for the times she knows we are trying to let go, be freed from whatever impedes growth,goodness and giving!

14.03 | 19:26

Thank you Brenda for providing this resource. Your selection of books make fine companions on life's path, especially at this time.

14.03 | 12:11

And here we are manifesting to each other and the universe! Your poem is soulful, Gina, dealing with the unknowns of each day as they come. Thanks for sharing.

13.03 | 19:34

Hi Brenda, just read new poeming 4 and your new wild geese is where we are all getting to I hope just love it, Ken

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