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In the Midst of Life...Any Peaceful Step

Every day seems to bring news of death. As I write, thirty-seven people in Egypt have died today from a bombing proudly claimed by the Islamic State. Syria this past week has become the bombing capital of the world, serin nerve gas being used on its own citizens by its own government, and now foreign powers going to interfere. Violence is erupting everywhere and seems to be escalating according to the news. Are we helpless, those of us who are not directly involved? What is ours to do? Religions, instead of promoting peace and inclusion, have become the perpetrators of violence. 

My grandparents' generation had a saying "In the midst of life, we are in death." I believe this is always true, but - because of news media - we are faced with it every moment of a day we choose to turn it on. Levels of fear and anxiety are rising consciously and unconsciously, in children as well as adults. No wonder a movement of contraction is happening everywhere, in practically every country. But what of the refugees trying to flee from it all?

We are faced now, with questions most of us never envisioned. And how will we answer? Most of us cannot become directly involved, but we can think through, we can take a stand, we can firstly - address our own fear and anxiety and how we might be contributing to that fear in the world. And we can all, each one of us, practice thse words of Thich Nhat Hanh:


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Lee | Reply 09.04.2017 21.43

Pick me! I am a fully committed believer in working daily to calm my feelings and emotions. I do believe that this does contribute to global peace.

Gina | Reply 09.04.2017 17.00

if it is to be, it must begin with me....this is what the words of Thich Nhat Hanh that you have illuminated has brought up in me......thanks, Brenda

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10.12 | 08:27

I have browsed your comments on these books at various times and came back again now to be inspired to round out my selection for my 'winter reading'.

02.12 | 19:23

Yes indeed...will show you tomorrow.

02.12 | 19:20

I like these very much. The spirals amid stars and land especially feel like pure whimsy and joy. Black paper and gel pens, you say?.....

10.09 | 21:59

Hearing you! MB

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