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welcoming the change

"Welcoming the change" is echoing in me on many levels indeed! One is relief that summer is over - too much heat and too many biting insects! Not my favorite season...which is now making her presence felt in the cool edges of the remaining heat and the slow turning of color - my very favorite of all of nature's changes!

I am very aware of being now in my seventieth year - to be completed next June. This is another invitation to "welcome the change." With this awareness comes a kind of intensity, a focusing of who I am at this time, and what is most important for me to be offering the world. It is an inner intensity; a kind of focusing on what is most important, even as I choose not to participate in some things I have previously been part of. Change. Honoring a shifting energy, and an invitation to be faithful to inner insight as physical engagement shifts, and diminishes in some directions.

On the other hand, I feel physically stronger that when I was 25! Joan and I have been biking every day since April, and have worked up to about 24 km every three days, with shorter rides in between. Grief for losing MaChree nearly a year ago and two brothers before that is softening somewhat; they are shifting into a different place in my heart, even as my heart is opening to the possibility of another cat-companion when the opportunity opens. You who read this: what are your changes?

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18.03 | 17:38

Edith is our mentor and prophet for the times she knows we are trying to let go, be freed from whatever impedes growth,goodness and giving!

14.03 | 19:26

Thank you Brenda for providing this resource. Your selection of books make fine companions on life's path, especially at this time.

14.03 | 12:11

And here we are manifesting to each other and the universe! Your poem is soulful, Gina, dealing with the unknowns of each day as they come. Thanks for sharing.

13.03 | 19:34

Hi Brenda, just read new poeming 4 and your new wild geese is where we are all getting to I hope just love it, Ken

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