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The Surrender Box

This morning, as I am getting ready to go to NL for my annual Christmas visit, a posting came in from Spirituality and Health called "The Surrender Box". Usually I just skim and save, in a file called "Personal Spiritual Guidance." This one I read over - not least because one of the leaders I work with in a community does this practice faithfully several times a day and it keeps her steady.

Perhaps it's this autumn with its many deaths and its world tragedies, whipping us all into frenzies of fear and anxiety with every newscast. Perhaps it's a growing sense that the world is spinning out of control (but didn't every age think this at some point?)  Perhaps it's from this vantage point of being close to seventy that a sense of slowing down, deepening, and feeling the need to loosen a lifetime of hold on "doing" - whatever the cause - I am drawn to actually having a physical  "Surrender Box" in my room and adding slips of paper with all my surrenders several times a day.

My inner world is becoming too crowded with the worries and anxieties of others, and I cannot be of help to anyone when this is so. Spacious light, with intentions for others, does, I believe relieve others and situations. If I stay inwardly crowded I just add to the tightening confusion of the world. Light...sending Light in all its manifestations.

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DONE Sending...

Maureen | Reply 30.11.2015 13.44

A wonderful gift, the Surrender Box ... thank you. Spacious Light, with intentions for others, yes. Sending Light. Yes.

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18.03 | 17:38

Edith is our mentor and prophet for the times she knows we are trying to let go, be freed from whatever impedes growth,goodness and giving!

14.03 | 19:26

Thank you Brenda for providing this resource. Your selection of books make fine companions on life's path, especially at this time.

14.03 | 12:11

And here we are manifesting to each other and the universe! Your poem is soulful, Gina, dealing with the unknowns of each day as they come. Thanks for sharing.

13.03 | 19:34

Hi Brenda, just read new poeming 4 and your new wild geese is where we are all getting to I hope just love it, Ken

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