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Recognizing the New

Lately I have been aware of some new ways of doing things emerging in the world. Here are three:

1. Fewer instructions - especially in the computer/phone world. You learn to use and do things intuitively, it seems; the old trial-and-error - except when 4-6 year-olds already know how to do things electronically, there hasn't been much time for that; rather there seems a new intelligence being born and growing in our technical world.

2. Community seems to be emerging in a Facebook kind of way: sharing likes and preferences, messages and stories. Nothing permanent; no common set of values or adherence to principles as yet identifiable and no commitment either. Just shifting and being moved as by the wind; unpredictable, searching.

3. "Google" is a word that has come into the language mostly as a verb. It is where and how an knowledge may be found out, and it is now the first place people go to look. Books and encyclopedias are out of date almost as soon as they are published, but Google gives the latest information.

This is just a beginning reflection. If anyone reading this has anything to add, please post it here. If it is over 160 characters, email to me and I will post it in your name on this blog. It is interesting to look for signs of what's emerging, though we are very early in the process.

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Margot Van Sluytman | Reply 08.07.2015 04.27

Fewer Instructions. Community. Googling. Powerful Healing.

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28.11 | 07:46

Now into a second reading of INK and HONEY, I am finding it much richer and it's pulling me ever deeper into contemplation of my daily life.

28.11 | 07:35

Perusing your musings about these books are a great help for me so I can choose my next book.. one that resonates at this time in my life. Thanks Brenda.

22.11 | 20:53

Welcomed reading recommendations !

24.10 | 21:40

and you have gifted me with cards that were like visits!!

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