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As I recognize my late-sixties aging process, I am listening to what might be my emerging focus in the world as my capacities for travel, long periods of facilitating and sustained hours of work are noticeably diminishing. Today I came upon this quote from Henri Nouwen and the spark took on a sharper focus and these words resonate with my emerging soul:

We cannot change the world by a new plan,

project or idea. We cannot even change

other people by our convictions, stories,

advice and proposals, but

we can offer a space where people are encouraged

to disarm themselves, lay aside their

occupations and preoccupations and listen

with attention and care to the voices

speaking in their own center.

This is the soul work drawing me now, and I lean toward it even as I move towards a sabbatical time which will allow me to listen even more deeply.

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Mary Beth | Reply 01.03.2014 13.51

How revelatory....timely and a twig in my soul. I pray to move for projects, plans...to creating space for myself and others to "be"...disarmed and free.

al | Reply 22.02.2014 19.07

Offering space so others can listen to their own soul's voice is what I am practicing re my son. It is interesting these words came to me at this time.Thank you

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10.09 | 21:59

Hearing you! MB

30.07 | 19:22

As someone journeying with people receiving palliative care, I read the article on liminal spaces with much appreciation and resonance. Thank you!

01.04 | 20:45

Thanks, Mary Beth...that is how it felt in that moment. And still says with me. Thanks for commenting...

01.04 | 16:45

Have only peeked into your poeming on Easter Sunday...and lo....feel the paschal mystery, soul'd mystery proclaims Exultet...in a very interior manner! Thanks s

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