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"If we surrendered to earth's intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees." (Rilke)

Gradually it is dawning on me, filling me, that we are part of nature, not separate from it. I have been trying this on for many years now, but have always been tipped over the side that says we are separate...better than...more important than...more intelligent than...God's special creation. but no more. The longer I live at SoulWinds, I know that this belief is simply not true at all, not even a tiny bit true! This quote says it better than I could:

"We will find the heights of the Mystery by delving into the depths of the universe and the human soul. We will seek the holy not by looking away from life but by penertrating the very heart of life. The invitation is to dog into the Ground of our being...Philip Newell, A New Harmony: The Spirit, the Earth and the Human Soul, p.78.

The Unity of everything is coming into focus, slowly, and not just for me. "We are all one" is no longer a pretty thought, or a spiritual sentiment. It is flesh-and-blood, earth-sky-and-water true. It is invading our blood and bones with truth which will benefit all.

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Margarita Synnott | Reply 18.07.2013 02.50

To appreciate the Mystery we must retain & develop the disposition of awe.So often we explain rather than seek to remain in the mystery.

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10.09 | 21:59

Hearing you! MB

30.07 | 19:22

As someone journeying with people receiving palliative care, I read the article on liminal spaces with much appreciation and resonance. Thank you!

01.04 | 20:45

Thanks, Mary Beth...that is how it felt in that moment. And still says with me. Thanks for commenting...

01.04 | 16:45

Have only peeked into your poeming on Easter Sunday...and lo....feel the paschal mystery, soul'd mystery proclaims Exultet...in a very interior manner! Thanks s

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