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These days, being almost finished Ilia Delio's The Unbearable Wholeness of Being, I find myself fascinated and pondering her emphasis on what it means to be Catholic. In most parts of the world, and certainly in my Irish Catholic background, "Catholic" was very  clearly defined and denoted clear separations from the rest of the Christian world. I recall not being allowed to play with Protestants under pain of mortal sin and confessing that I went into a Protestant Church with my friend, and being given penance for it.

Delio revives the original meaning of the word, for - as she says "blind faith is ripe for deception." And on to say "The word catholic connotes a divine presence of wholemaking or leavening the stuff of life to create a greater whole." Quoting John Haughey, SJ, she highlights that "catholicity means openness and in contrast to what is incomplete, partial, sectarian, factional, tribal and selective. The term catholicity promises a worldview that is universal...connoting movement towards universality or wholeness." (p.149)

I am deeply moved and challenged by this recovery of the meaning of "catholic." How to open, allow, unfold in its direction?

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Margot Roberts | Reply 29.09.2013 19:27

Having never been a catholic, this is very interesting. thought Catholic meant open to all ideas or an open mind, but the Catholic Church never seemed from an

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24.04 | 21:27

Hi Brenda,
I did some writing this last week.
Here is it. :)

12.02 | 08:41

Hi Laurie, You will find The Choice on amazon.ca//

18.10 | 18:29

Thanks, Mike...so glad you found it here. I think it's remarkable. Holly's grandmother is one of my long and close friends; it was she who sent it.

18.10 | 17:38

Thanks for posting this. I heard it read from Abbey Theatre in their "Dear Ireland" and was hoping that I would find it on the web. I thought it stole the show.

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