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a new New Year's invitation

As is usual, I am hearing people around me and on media speaking about New Year's resolutions and doing things differently in 2015. I am now long past the age of believing that such resolutions have much chance of coming true or taking root over the long term. They are mostly about eating, dieting, exercising, losing weight and doing more healthy things. By February, most have fallen away.

This year I have been thinking about something different. What if, instead of physical resolutions, we thought of spiritual and relational ones? What if we resolved to focus more on others, and less on our own image, health, possessions, desires? So I am suggesting (and doing my own resolving in this direction today) that kindness be a resolution...or to be more understanding of what I judge so quickly as another's shortcomings? (really only my own ego and resistance reacting in pride and self-righteousness)/

Robert Sardello, in his book The Power of Soul: Living the Twelve Virtues, shows how to "educate the emotions, refine the soul, and develop inner character" by working these virtues into our lives: Devotion, Balance, Faithfulness, Selflessness, Compassion, Courtesy, Equanimity, Patience, Truth, Courage, Discernment, and Love.

This year, I think I will explore again how to bring more of these virtues into my daily life. There is nothing else I need, nor any other way to shape myself. Elder age - though for any age this is true - is about the intensifying of presence to give more to the world.

And if Sardello's virtues are not enough, there are always the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

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10.12 | 08:27

I have browsed your comments on these books at various times and came back again now to be inspired to round out my selection for my 'winter reading'.

02.12 | 19:23

Yes indeed...will show you tomorrow.

02.12 | 19:20

I like these very much. The spirals amid stars and land especially feel like pure whimsy and joy. Black paper and gel pens, you say?.....

10.09 | 21:59

Hearing you! MB

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