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After the most difficult winter I remember as an adult, we are now halfway through a wet and cold summer. Newfoundland, where my family all live, has had consistent warmer temperatures than here in Ontario since June. Every 3-4 days we have thunder, lightning and rain. The one advanatge - and it is a big one - is not having had to water the garden since planting in the first week of June.

Our bemoaning the weather belies hidden assumptions and expectations, and I have become more aware of having these this summer. I hear myself complain, and then an echo like " is better weather something you deserve? expect?" I sound like that to myself sometimes; surprised that we might be in a less-than-privileged part of the world. Then I watch all the plane crashes, shootings, war in the Middle East, loss of life in so many parts of the world, hate crimes growing in Canada, wild weather and floods gearing up in unexpected places, and - taken together - I feel a huge shift in the world's emergence. It is simply what is, not what should be, not cause for lament, but cause for peaceful witnessing all without getting caught up in judgment, condemnation, fear and and the disease of anxiety that pervades our privileged society. Now that takes presence and practice.

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10.12 | 08:27

I have browsed your comments on these books at various times and came back again now to be inspired to round out my selection for my 'winter reading'.

02.12 | 19:23

Yes indeed...will show you tomorrow.

02.12 | 19:20

I like these very much. The spirals amid stars and land especially feel like pure whimsy and joy. Black paper and gel pens, you say?.....

10.09 | 21:59

Hearing you! MB

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