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gripping tightly/letting go

I have seen this in myself and in others: this unconscious gripping tightly to what we know. And yet...and yet...a moment of grace comes - and it is grace - when something shifts inside and we feel a loosening, and know that letting go is happening, even when we didn't eactly work at doing it ourselves.

This inner growth and movement is important in these times of escalating changes and agitation in structures and institutions, families and communities. Deliberately cultivating one's own inner life pf prayer and presence - no easy task in itself, but a most grounding and centering one - is of more importance now than at any time. Noticing...seeing what is shifting inside, inner movements, being present to ourselves without blame or judgment - these few inner practices alone can make a big difference to how we negotiate these times.

This came clearer to me these past three weeks while I was alone here with Arctic temperatures, snow upon snow, dog-and-cat schedules, freezing drains. And my own work among it all. There were many inner shifts, and driven activities - and many moments of letting go into the expansive freedom of grace, and seeing a larger reality than my small one. I did not myself bring these moments. They came from the larger Reality, but I was aware of opening to them when they were offered. That's the awareness I want to keep.

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Mary Beth | Reply 02.02.2014 14.52

Discovering that my "gripping moments" often accompany the head that welcomes these times of uncertainty and a heart, fearful, and missing the flow of a graced

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28.11 | 07:46

Now into a second reading of INK and HONEY, I am finding it much richer and it's pulling me ever deeper into contemplation of my daily life.

28.11 | 07:35

Perusing your musings about these books are a great help for me so I can choose my next book.. one that resonates at this time in my life. Thanks Brenda.

22.11 | 20:53

Welcomed reading recommendations !

24.10 | 21:40

and you have gifted me with cards that were like visits!!

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