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This week an unexpected impulse to clean out my books took precedence over many other things. I have been carrying some of them around for nearly 35 years, wherever I have moved. Some burgeoning open space opened up inside me, and during the three days I kept checking to see if it was contracting, but it wasn't , and when I had dozens of books in bags ready to donate to the public libraries here, I still felt lighter, and freer. Space on the shleves opened up, but space inside myself opened up also, and I felt I had shed a burden of years whose name I do not know, nor do I need to.

I have come to believe over many years now that my physical space reflects my personal interior space. This is sometimes (often)  difficult to admit, but when I get to that point, and can clean things out and let them go, I feel I am freeing up a dammed river in some way. Same with clothes and other belongings. Shedding leaves room for wings to open and stretch.

My office is next.

Is this what the milkweed feels as all her seeds jump into the wind?

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Mary Beth | Reply 02.02.2014 14.47

What a recipe for "surrender"....I am knowing the same call...and I am resisting by busy-ness and the "maybe not yet's!!
Good on you, woman!

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18.03 | 17:38

Edith is our mentor and prophet for the times she knows we are trying to let go, be freed from whatever impedes growth,goodness and giving!

14.03 | 19:26

Thank you Brenda for providing this resource. Your selection of books make fine companions on life's path, especially at this time.

14.03 | 12:11

And here we are manifesting to each other and the universe! Your poem is soulful, Gina, dealing with the unknowns of each day as they come. Thanks for sharing.

13.03 | 19:34

Hi Brenda, just read new poeming 4 and your new wild geese is where we are all getting to I hope just love it, Ken

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