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Someone commented on a post a few back when, she said that I "used the term embodiment in a positive sense." Her comment has stayed with me ever since. Slowly over many years, I have struggled - sometimes well and sometimes not so well- with the goodness rather than the struggle of being embodied. I have gone through all the Christian teachings - which I would now call heresies - about the body being bad and an instrument of the devil. I have taken part in many body-centred therapies and renewals, and still struggle, though 90% less than when I was 20, with those old conditionings.

My friends' comment brought it up in me again, and made me realize that - yes indeed - I am now able to see embodiment as a gift, see my own body as an instrument to make God present in the world in the way of my choice. Being embodied is really an opportunity for engaged spirituality. And attending to my own body a way of honoring the God who created it and who creates us all anew every moment we are alive.

The struggle to work against those old conditioned beliefs goes on, and likely always will, but I know something different now, and realize that the struggle itself is the blessing.

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28.11 | 07:46

Now into a second reading of INK and HONEY, I am finding it much richer and it's pulling me ever deeper into contemplation of my daily life.

28.11 | 07:35

Perusing your musings about these books are a great help for me so I can choose my next book.. one that resonates at this time in my life. Thanks Brenda.

22.11 | 20:53

Welcomed reading recommendations !

24.10 | 21:40

and you have gifted me with cards that were like visits!!

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