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the lighted place within

I offer you this quote from a poem "Made from Bone"  by Mark Nepo, from his little book of poems called Reduced to Joy:

When I can be the truth,

it grows more and more clear

when it is necessary to tell the truth.


That is, when I have access to the place

within me that is lighted, I don't have

to speak heatedly. I can just give away

warmth. When I am still enough to brush

quietly with eternity, I don't have to

speak of God. I can just offer peace

to those around me.

Since I read those words two mornings ago, I have felt them echo and resonate inside me like an echo in a deep well.  I have read them many times. I aspire to "giving away warmth" and to "offering peace" to those around me. The fact that I am aspiring to these things means I am not doing them, at least not suffuciently, at the present time, however much I would like to.

These words also highlight for me the slow rising, like yeast in dough, of the pull towards a contemplative receptivity that is arising in so many people of different religious practices, and in some who would say they have no religious practice. I feel its pull, in myself and many others whom I know, much like a tide, a current that was once out but is now coming in. Once I was aware of it mostly in early morning and in a pull towards a contemplative meditation practice once or twice a day. Now it leaks out of those boundaries and I catch glimpses of the world within the world, or the person within the person...just glimpses, but enough to shake me loose of fixed ideas of how things are and especially how things should be. "When I have access..."

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24.04 | 21:27

Hi Brenda,
I did some writing this last week.
Here is it. :)

12.02 | 08:41

Hi Laurie, You will find The Choice on

18.10 | 18:29

Thanks, glad you found it here. I think it's remarkable. Holly's grandmother is one of my long and close friends; it was she who sent it.

18.10 | 17:38

Thanks for posting this. I heard it read from Abbey Theatre in their "Dear Ireland" and was hoping that I would find it on the web. I thought it stole the show.

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