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not coincidences

Lately I have been noticing synchronicities...small energetic connections that amplify a personal sense of belonging in the world. Simple things, like two friends who visit very infrequently, arriving one day last week and in the conversation it comes out that we are all reading the same book at the same time: Philip Newell's A New Harmony: The Spirit, the Earth and the Human Soul, and that it is speaking intensely to all three of us. Or - for a few weeks I have been seeing references to an old book that I read nearly thirty years ago: Etty Hillesum's An Interrupted Life: The Diaries and Letters of Etty Hillesum, and thinking I have to get that out again. Then I meet with a friend whom I see perhaps once a year, and there is the book lying on her back seat. She too read it years ago and felt compelled to read it again now.

I could go on, but I believe that anyone reading this knows what I mean. What is new for me is to realize that these are not concidences. They carry an energy that is weaving something together, calling forth a deeper and more inclusive awareness of what is happening now. They deserve attention and pondering, openness and receptivity. They lead somewhere, and perhaps we'll never know exactly where because they keep on happening, even increasing. Where they do lead, however, is a deeper, clearer, resonance with life, with the unfolding of it, the stream that enlivens and enlightens. Perhaps it is the stream of living water for the soul.

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10.12 | 08:27

I have browsed your comments on these books at various times and came back again now to be inspired to round out my selection for my 'winter reading'.

02.12 | 19:23

Yes indeed...will show you tomorrow.

02.12 | 19:20

I like these very much. The spirals amid stars and land especially feel like pure whimsy and joy. Black paper and gel pens, you say?.....

10.09 | 21:59

Hearing you! MB

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