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Actions rather than words

This morning I was reflecting with a friend that Pope Francis I, from his first greeting after being presented to the crowds, has deliberately chosen actions that speak louder than any words he might have also spoken. He has not given many speeches; mostly unusual greetings ("Good Evening"; "go home and have a nice lunch") - but his actions speak much louder than his words ever will. Leaving his bodyguards to greet the people; taking the bullet-proof protection off the Pope-mobile; refusing to use the Mercedes and driver assigned to him; refusing to move into the Papal Apartments; washing the feet of young offenders on Holy Thursday, including those of two young women. I know of Catholic Dioceses where women's feet are still not allowed to be washed. All of these, plus taking a name that has never been used for a Pope before, as well as a name associated with poverty, nature, animals and deep mysticism.

So far his message through action speaks loudly, shouts, in fact, that the old order is overthrown, and he has done this respectfully, even quietly. In this age of too many and overwhelming words, his actions open up a small hope that a light still shines in the heart of the smeared Institution. Dare we hope?

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Brenda | Reply 05.04.2013 11.28

And where we find that flicker of hope is as varied as every individual...but it's all hope, and any hope must be celebrated...thanks Marnnie...

Marnnie | Reply 05.04.2013 08.58

How can we live without a flicker of hope?

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10.12 | 08:27

I have browsed your comments on these books at various times and came back again now to be inspired to round out my selection for my 'winter reading'.

02.12 | 19:23

Yes indeed...will show you tomorrow.

02.12 | 19:20

I like these very much. The spirals amid stars and land especially feel like pure whimsy and joy. Black paper and gel pens, you say?.....

10.09 | 21:59

Hearing you! MB

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