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Written by Lee gauthier on Sep. 28, 2013
I read your words, your thoughts on time, and I feel a resonance with my truth.. that I have sensed coming gradually as I reached into my 60's and now through my 70's.. that every nano second is precious and I strive to treat it as such. First came a desire to slow down - choosing a turtle as my spirit guide, and so it is.. and hand in hand with the turtle is a frog. The frog teaches me to hop over the unessential, the little things that were 'big things' that really don't bear weight in me any longer.
Written by Margarita Synnott on Sep. 28, 2013
The last three years have taught me a lot about time. At various stages of Frank's illness time was of the essence, get this test, have this x-ray and yet he seemed to move through his illness as though time was immaterial. If he lived til tomorrow, great, if he didn't, it would be o.k. Now as we know we are facing into another winter of chemo he and I are enjoying moments, sometimes hours but often it's just moments; a clear sky, this morning it was the sea rushing in in north county Dublin. The big learning for me has been to stay in the moment. Until this cancer we always assumed we had a long future together - I now define 'long' as 6 months! So we truly enjoy each day, each visit with our children and grandchildren and each shared meal or treat. It makes life less complicated even as we face into all the complications of chemo and lung cancer.
Written by Lee Gauthier on Jul. 8, 2013
I have read, and read and re-read and pondered your poems, essays, looked at your beautiful photos and .. want more. Elderhood has never looked so good!
Written by Franka on Jun. 5, 2013
As usual you have given me inspiration and hope.
I love your emerging insights and blogs.
The poems speak to my heart.
Written by Susan Russel on Jun. 5, 2013
Hi Brenda - I do enjoy coming to this blog - like a long drink of refreshing clear water. I love the images you have taken from the life around you. Thanks again for sharing with us.
Written by Mary Beth on Apr. 28, 2013
Really am going to encourage Sisters and Associates to check out your website...
Written by Mary Mettler on Apr. 9, 2013
Dear Brenda, Thank you for sharing your heart, your creativity and the beauty of this website. I will look forward to a regular "check-in" to be blessed with your poetry and reflections.
Written by Susan Russel on Mar. 22, 2013
Dear Brenda - Thank you for sharing with us such beauty. May we all some day have the same courage to share our "secret hearts" with others - just as you have.
Written by Sandre Daoust on Mar. 16, 2013
Your beautiful spirit shines through..thank-you for taking us along on your journey, sharing your gift.
Written by Sylvia on Mar. 13, 2013
Brenda, this is a wonderful way to communicate and share the richness of your creativity on several levels. Beautiful images and reflections, inspiring resources. Love the poems, especially Julian's Cat. And you make it look almost easy, like doable. Thanks.
Written by Sheila on Mar. 13, 2013
Brenda, this a beautiful and inspiring website. Glad to know your thoughts of wisdom and healing are only a click away.
Thank you for so generously sharing the gift of yourself.
Written by Sarah on Mar. 12, 2013
I love your site.

You are such a good friend to me, and such an inspiration. Thank you.
Written by Susan Wood on Mar. 12, 2013
Ahh Brenda, what a feast! I'm going to take my time savouring each course.
Written by Katherine grandy on Mar. 11, 2013
Inspiring. I found the photos very calming. In this hectic world it is nice to find peace.
Written by Marcia E. Mandel on Mar. 11, 2013
How inspiring! Just beautiful, Brenda.

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04.01 | 14:04

Thanks, Andie...that's it exactly ! So glad you experienced it!

04.01 | 13:36

'Whatever you need
and wherever you go next -
will come to you'
My holiday experience.

28.12 | 10:12

Hi Brenda,
I've just finished reading The Choice - got it from the public library. What an amazing story and an unbeatable spirit. I'll check out youtube now

24.04 | 21:27

Hi Brenda,
I did some writing this last week.
Here is it. :)