Transforming Reads 2

God sends small messengers to peel us open...all my experience...all of it disrupts my conclusions, like pebbles of light dropped into the lake of my mind...Mark Nepo Things That Join the Sea and Sky, p.80.


In the Sanctuary of Women by Jan Richardson

This book is a companion for Reflection and Prayer, drawing on the centuries of women's hidden devotions and ways of connecting with the sacred in life. From early women-hermits to present-day women who are spiritual teachers, "this refreshing resource widens the mind, deepens the heart, and strengthens the enter The Sanctuary of Women is to risk deep transformation, proof that this book is a God-gift." (Joyce Rupp)

Vesper Time: the Spiritual practice of Growing Older

This book is an invitation to those of us - especially after seventy- to enter into our own "Vesper Time", the title coming from the evening prayer of the daily round of following the day with prayer. Seeing ourselves as embracing the years that are ours with warmth and wisdom and memory and love - thankful and peaceful - this is an invitation counter to the those of our culture, and thereby (for me) wise and welcoming. I simply love this book for where I am in my own life.

Parker Palmer says of this book: " Vesper Time is full of wisdom and guidance for all who want to treat aging as a "school of the spirit" - a time to call upon the sacred alchemy that turns wisdom into strength, loss into gratitude, and dying into new life. Wonderfully well- written, grounded in real-life experience...this is a book for all seasons...

Unbinding: the Grace Beyond Self

This new and final book by Kathleen Dowling Singh seems prophetic, as she died on October 1, 2017, just as the book was released. This is the real journey to fredom in our interior life; the peaceful movement towards releasing all that has bound us interiorly as we live out the years of our life's unfolding. This description on the back of the book focuses the great invitation to us all:

With poise and grace, Kathleen Dowling Singh points us to that in the human spirit which has never been bound, never been wounded, and has always been an un-selfed shining freedom - the radiant ground that is our diamond life." (Martin Laird)

Blood Flowers: a novel

This gripping novel tells the story of Meg, a young missionary to Chile just in time to witness the overthrow of Salvador Allende. In the aftermath of the brutal military coup the priest she works with is murdered and she herself is the target of surveillance.

The many layers of relationship and the ambivalence of missionary work give this novel depth and relevance, no matter how many years go by after the recounted events. And knowing the author, Judy Ress - her attentive integrity and her faithfulness to the unfolding of true events - made this a compelling read for me.

In fact, I could not stop reading. It is available on Kindle as well as ppbk and hardcover.

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Mary Beth McCurdy | Reply 31.12.2017 17.04

Thanks,Brenda for these your recommendations...

Lee Gauthier | Reply 28.11.2017 07.35

Perusing your musings about these books are a great help for me so I can choose my next book.. one that resonates at this time in my life. Thanks Brenda.

Lee Gauthier | Reply 22.11.2017 20.53

Welcomed reading recommendations !

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So Glad, Joy...I will be updating this site on the weekend...feel free to use whatever you find...I don't get to it as often as I used to, or would like...

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I just love the Two Hearts! It is now the final slide in a PowerPoint presentation on Dying with Confidence!

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Thanks,Brenda for these your recommendations...

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Now into a second reading of INK and HONEY, I am finding it much richer and it's pulling me ever deeper into contemplation of my daily life.

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