Poeming 3

Just As I am

The white birch groves pull me

as strongly as the most powerful

magnet -

like the family

I always longed for but never really had -

welcoming, understanding,

holding me -

I lean into them and feel myself

embraced, embraced

just as I am,

just as I am.

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Andrea Kent | Reply 14.02.2017 22.09

Wow. What a descriptive sense of identity!

Annah | Reply 10.02.2017 12.39

Lovely!! nature speaks volumes to me as well.

Sheila | Reply 14.11.2016 08.42

thoughtful and poignant
The birch tree is one of my favorite trees. I find them very fascinating and awe inspiring.

sylvia doyle | Reply 13.11.2016 09.59

Love it! "Just as I am",brought me back to the song, Come As You Are, by Deidre Brown, also sung by Paul Gurr. The tattered and torn bark speaks volumes.

Kay | Reply 12.11.2016 13.31

Always .

Andie | Reply 12.11.2016 13.06

Trees have always done this for me too. Beautifully said.

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21.02 | 20:34

Like the broom sweeping all the dirt and dust without a moment to breathe
In that moment of breath lies the choice, Breathe people Breathe.

14.02 | 22:09

Wow. What a descriptive sense of identity!

10.02 | 12:39

Lovely!! nature speaks volumes to me as well.

19.01 | 21:32

That would be great, Margie...whatever one you think would fit. I can photograph the original and send you as a photo. Let me know.

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